Interesting Facts about Bipolar Disorder

-20% suicide rate
-Studies suggest that half of the people living with bipolar have attempted suicide
-One of the hardest to diagnose and treat
-1 in every 100 people have bipolar
-Changes in sleep or daily routines can cause a lapse into a manic episode
-Celebrities said to have had bipolar disorder: Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Carrier Fisher, Sinead O’Connor, and Linda Hamilton
-Almost half of everyone with Bipolar Disorder struggles with Drugs and Alcohol


  1. Wow, I feel like I know more about you in the first 3mins on this page than I have ever. I have a tremendous amount of respect – and compasssion – for those who live w/ bipolar disorder. When I first heard of it years ago it was bonechilling to me. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Life gets really hard sometimes and one could easily find oneself struggling just to hold on. Thats for the AVERAGE person. I can’t imagine how difficult it can get when you throw bipolar into the mix. That feels like an unfair challenge to me.

    Well I love the rawness of the site. And I love technology and all the new ways of interacting because of it. So overall, I’m hella excited about your new venture/project/journey/exploration. Looking forward to it.

    I’m super new to all this, and your site is off to an AWESOME start! If I can help in any way, holla at ya girl! :-)

    Love ya like a fat kid loves cake!!
    Kaitrece :-)

  2. Kat,

    My sister-in-law’s husband is bipolar. Do you know if this is inherited, or does a child have a greater chance of having the same disease? I know with Alzheimer’s, your risk increases if a parent has had Alzheimer’s.

    • I have read that there is approximately a 10% chance that a child will inherit it if one of the parents has the disorder. If both parents have the disorder that percentage does increase slightly.

  3. Oh, I think I need to mention that I was not saying that Alzheimer’s is like bipolar, they are two different diseases. I was re-reading articles on Alzheimer’s from my class this past semester and it brought to light that because my grandmother had Alzheimer’s, my dad or aunt has a greater risk of having the same disease (although passing from adult to offspring is rare) and I was wondering if the chances were the same with this type of disease or disorder as others.

  4. Yeahh I’m interesed in Bipolar Disorder, and learnt something new today. 1 in 100, wow in a way it is quite a lot and in another its hardly anything. Makes you think.

  5. I read a article under the same title some time ago, but this articles quality is much, much better. How you do this?

  6. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder several years ago. I don’t race with mania. I seem to be “level” for a while and then sink to the bottom. I hate the label because of the media and the portrails that circulate in magazines/newspapers. I’m sick of the imbalance and I hate the medication.

    • Alley the chances are u have been misdiagnosed and are uni-polar (major depressive disorder) which is bipolar without mania, my mother is uni-polar and I am bipolar so know the difference.

  7. great post, thanks for sharing

  8. I picked Bipolar disoder for my class report because i’m bipolar myself. I knew very little about this before i started to read more about it. It seems the more i read, the more i’m figuring out this isn’t just a label the doctors put on you, it’s serious…..

  9. wow, i dislike the terminology used that bipolar as a disease, it’s not something you can catch rather it’s a life long illness. my goodness. i hate that stigma that’s attached.

    i’m new to your website, and i just happened to stumble upon this. i am going to take a look around. i’ve been diagnosed for about 8 years and currently “stable”.

    i’ve only just read the comments but so far so good. i just wanted to drop in my two cents.

  10. Eye opening if a tad bit scary and unnerving. Left me in a slight state of fear and confusion, somewhat admiration those that suffer as I do. But those small moments where we live, I mean truly live. It’s all worth the bad times.

    -Steven R Hill

  11. Yes it is inheartrd the chance of a child haveing it if only one parent carries the jean is a 15-30% chance. I have it and I belive that the environment witch your are raise plays a factor in how bad u may have it, if u grow up in a hostile environment and have a lot of anger u will suffer wrose episodes and breakdowns…..

  12. I am grateful that folks even now take their moments to make substantial blogposts.

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